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The moving moment. A movement that is a moment.


Lara Koch´s art accompanies drawing, painting, photography, printing technology, film and sculpture. She makes art books that combine her work. Hand in hand.

Symbols from mythology, great philosophical questions and daydreams are the spark for her art and written poetry. Inspired by poetry and nature.


Friedrich Ratzel in `The Silence of Nature`: ". . .

There is no silence in nature that is only silent because the ear cannot pick up any sounds. When I am in a place where a large orchestra is ready at any moment to shower me with the flood of tones, I do not feel silence, I live in the expectation of life that will stir, but feel the silence of the moment twice strong. So it is in nature, which, full of inner life, is always ready to move and therefore is eloquent in the deepest silence. But the more that is lacking that which is speaking in nature, the quieter it appears to us. . . . "


A moment of lost self, of being caught up in something that seems incomprehensible.

Rushing bodies. Lara Koch's sculptures inspire the viewer through touch. The longing for physical fusion and connection. A kiss. Moments in which the hand is immersed in water. Flat stones jump over the calm lake. Devoured.


Images, symbols caress the senses and freeze an instant yet timeless moment for eternity. In the flow of creation, the works seek deceleration and a direct connection with the body. Her body becomes part of the sculpture. These body fragments merge with that of the viewer. The beauty of our individuality and yet symbols of our community. Fragile our skin. Interface to the inside and outside world.

Paul Klee writes: "The artist is a person, himself nature and a piece of nature in the space of nature."

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2016 - 2024 Diploma of Fine Arts 

master student

Academy of Fine Arts Munich

Fine arts - painting class Gregor Hildebrandt


2014- 2019 Bachelor of Arts

University of Applied Sciences (Design) Munich



Koller Auktion, Munich

Elvira steigt

Galerie Kwadrat and Lea Mugnaini, Schlachtensee Berlin 

Mein trübes Wasser wurde klar

Studio Gallery Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin

Sechs Monde Zeit

Unsonsorten, Munich


 TAU ( Fountain)

public art, Hospiz Velbert

Gopea Art Award

Burg Bentheim

Herbstball ( Art Prize)

Schloss Pavillion Ismaning

Elvira Steigt

Gallery KWADRAT, Berlin

Canal Street Research

New York

4 on the 5th

Gallery Knust und Kunz, Munich

Full House, Ukraine Artists

Max 33 und Kunstsupport Ukraine, Munich

Er ist´s

Gallery KWADRAT, Gallary Weekend Berlin

6 Monde Zeit

Unconsorten Munich

Phase 1

Zustant, Berlin 


Salon in Progress

Hansa und Gallery Rodzlø, Berlin

Ex Voto,

Gallery Smudajescheck, Munich

SUPERmARkT - Frische Lieferung

 Rewe Premium, Munich

Blick zurück Blick nach vorne

Gallery Klüser, Munich


Gallery Benjamin Eck, Munich



Gallery Rodzlø, Berlin

ART LAB, Gallery and public prize

Gallery Benjamin Eck, Munich

Jahresausstellung, Group exibition

Forum & Mucca, Munich

Der River

Spinnerei, Leipzig


Über Brücken

Delphi, Freiburg

The Collector,  Superbooks

Haus der Kunst, Munich

ABULIA - Performance as LoKo Kollektiv

Gallery Lou and Louis, Munich



Photo18, Praterinsel Munich




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